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Everything They Never Told You About the Music Business
“Go Season” the book examines the life of multi platinum producer Leon “RocccStar” Youngblood, and how he became so successful in the music industry against all odds. Covering every technique from thought process to chess like movements, you have now read more ...
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This book is meant to introduce you to some of the best songs to come out in the year 1920. Hopefully, after reading about these songs and artists, you will go out and listen to them discovering new music you love in the process. While doing research read more ...
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[Book excerpt] PLAY THAT FLUTE! Suppose you are at a craft show and you happen to see a booth where Native American flutes are sold. Hot dog, you think, you're gonna buy one! The flute builder has the flutes nicely displayed, and you choose the bigge read more ...
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