Creating Moments in Time

Author: Robert Valvonis
Pages: 186
Language: English
Publication date: 13/02/2013
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Table of Contents Personal Overview Refer to chapters.

Introduction Personal Introduction to content. Concepts of time
I. The Language of Time Personal and Elements of time, order, Understanding time
Professional relationships. Personal problems.
and professional use.

II. Not Knowing Yourself Personal Events, history, time Create awareness of
Completely problems; circumstances time problems.
involving change.

III. Knowing What You Personal and Creating order, planning, goals, Use of planning.
Can Do Professional and resources. Restrictions,
process of time, management.

IV. Absolute and Relative Time Personal and Time as a resource. Use of Concepts of absolute
Professional time. Developing a sense and relative time.
of relative time.

V. Does Your Time Have an Personal Use of experience in personal Recognize attributes of
Intrinsic Store of Value? management. Value of time, value.
ways to obtain value.

VI. Planning and Organizing Personal and Definition of plans, organization, Strategies and plans.
Your Time Professional and environment. Recognize
changes. Strategies of time

VII. Schedule and Personal and Layout and use of schedule. Working with a schedule.
Implementation Professional Organizing activities. Format of
schedule, tasks and refinement of
schedule. Characteristics of time.

VIII. Time Objectives Personal and Definition of time objectives, factors, Using time objectives.
Professional quantitative and qualitative aspects.
Decision making, time-based decisions, and responsibilities.

IX. Performance in Time Personal and How performance influences your Performance issues and personal
Professional life. Measurement of performance. commitment.
Techniques of performance for
improvement. Skill-building for
X. Investing Your Time and Personal Alternate uses of time resources. Using time resources.
Energy Time efficiency and skill usage.
Leveraging concept and time.

XI. Using Your Time More Personal Managing time resources. Building Motivations, skills, and
Personal improvement
Wisely a time management program. Creating order in life, importance

XII. Motivating Yourself Personal and Improving skills in management. Use of skills and
Professional Motivation, overcoming difficulties, personal motivation.
dealing with change. Finding new
sources of motivation.

A. Outline Time Management Plan Personal and Specific plan directives. Headings Create plan format.
Professional and subheadings that relate program
format. Overall features of time
management program.

B. References
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