The Face Reading Book

Face yourself, Face your life

Author: Patrick Nehls
Pages: 108
Language: English
Publication date: 04/09/2012
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Did you ever ask yourself: “Who am I”? Use Face Reading to find out who you are.
Did you ever ask yourself: „Who am I“?
The easiest way to find out who you truly are is to take a look into the mirror.
Your face can tell you lots of secrets. Secrets about your personal characteristics and secrets about your purpose in life.
Face Reading can help you to understand your character traits and how to integrate them in your daily life.
If you really understand who you are your life will change. It´s up to you. Do you want to know who you are? Reveal the secrets of your face. Get the Face Reading Book.

The Face Reading Book will help you:

- understand who you really are.

- analyse your personality.

- learn Face Reading techniques.

- understand why it is important to use the features you have.

- do a job analysis.

- do a relationship analysis.

- understand different personal types and personal characteristics.

- understand 5 important factors to improve your life.

- get on a higher level of consciousness.

The Face Reading book gives you very detailed information about the most prominent features in order to understand your true nature. You will understand the connection between your physiognomy and your personal characteristics. The question „who am I“ is one of the most important quesions in your life. Why? Because you are at the point where you start asking deeper questions. Questions which finally guide you to your inner self. This is the place where you can find everyhing.
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Patrick´s intent is to help people realize who they really are. He says: „Your life will change completely when you face yourself and recognize your purpose in life. That‘s why the question: Who am I? is the most important in your life.“ Since 2009 he trains people in the art of Face Reading and gives private and business consultings.

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