The Film Change®- Method

Author: Katalin Fáy
Pages: 132
Language: English
Publication date: 01/04/2017
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How you can easily change your life movie and solve incriminating problems...
How you can easily change your life movie and solve incriminating problems and live a stress-free life.

If we do not like the movie in the cinema, on TV or when playing a DVD, we have the choice: we can leave the cinema, click a new movie with the remote control or insert another DVD. Nobody would come up with the idea of blaming the playback devices or even painting over the canvas or the screen. Of course we change the movie or simply exchange the DVD.

Straight and direct it is also with unpleasant and difficult situations and problems in our lives, which we would like to change. Instead of doctoring on symptoms, let's just change the film, our own life movie! The 'Film Change®'- method, which the author presents in this book and conveys it in a practical way using simple exercises, shows us how uncomplicated and often playful it‘s go.

Whether fears, blockages, financial or health problems or relationship issues, with the consistent and conscious application of this unique method, all negative and undesirable phenomena can be resolved and transformed into well-being, happiness and success.

Numerous experience reports confirm their success. The method is supplemented by exercises for thought hygiene, in which the thoughts are arranged like a puzzle game to the desired 'life puzzle'. The unsuitable parts are sorted out.

They are all ingenious tools that lead to a sustainable, positive change in our lives. The key is in our hands! We ourselves have the choice to use the power of creation created in us for a happy, joyful and fulfilled life!
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Katalin Fáy, born in 1954, has been exploring how the human mind creates reality from its youth. Since her thirteenth year she practices daily yoga and meditation.

Her own research at the Scientific Academy in Budapest as early as 1973-75 proved that organ functions respond directly to thought impulses. While many people have now recognized that their thoughts generate their emotions and feelings, which in turn trigger immediate positive or negative reactions in their bodies, they are seldom able to implement what has been detected and act accordingly.

Katalin has developed a method in 2008 and since then tried many times and refined, which provides help for exactly this problem. The Film Change® method is a practical aid to both mediation and coaching, and can be used on any matter that causes stress. Once learned, it’s helping people to help themselves. It weakens the internal components of the stress trigger so that you suddenly think and act differently almost imperceptibly. It is so unspectacular that one often notices it only after a while: "Recently I would have reacted quite differently in such a situation!"

She has many years of professional experience as a graduate engineer, therapist, healer, trainer and coach.

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