Hacker´s Underground Book

Hacking like the pros!

Author: Martin Kohler
Pages: 67
Language: English
Publication date: 10/03/2012
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The legendary „cult report“ is now available in a special, uncensored version!
Find out now everything about password crackers, script kiddies, data spies and online criminals! At last a clear and comprehensible book about the internet topic No. 1 by true insiders – A must-have book for every internet user and every computer freak!

Hardly anyone is really aware of the danger lurking for user on the internet. Thus, many people do not notice at all the intrusions into their system or they do so when it is too late and to much damage has been done and they are faced as victims with a fait accompli!

We give you now insights into the darkest of medias: Internet. Hacking has become with time a popular hobby. Even “script kiddies” just 12-15 years old, just by using the appropriate tools, can spy on other surfers’ disk and manipulate it any possible way in next to no time!
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The real Insider of the hacking scene reveal the secrets of the best hackers on www.hackers-undergroundbook.com

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