Her Sore Throat

Lovesick! Erotica #1

Author: Riley Cohn
Pages: 10
Language: English
Publication date: 08/02/2012
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A sick-at-home girl seduces her boyfriend's best friend.
Distant boyfriend Blake is at work while his sick girlfriend Alona is at home. Blake's friend, John, stops by the apartment to deliver some medicine but soon finds himself being seduced by Alona.

It seems Alona's growing tired of Blake's uncaring attitude, and so she turns to John for more than emotional support; she's ready for something hot and salty in her throat, and it ain't salty water for gargling!

Unknown to Alona, John has a dominant side just beneath his usually quiet, geeky exterior, and her inviting body is bringing it out in force. John's got what the doctor ordered, alright, but his medicine might end up just a bit too strong.

A 3782 word erotic story from Riley Cohn. The 1st story in the Lovesick! erotica series.
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Riley Cohn, who is a pen name for a speculative fiction writer, writes primarily erotica and erotic romance that span a wide range of interests, kinks and attractions.

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