Bonsai 101: Tips and Techniques for Growing

Author: Roger Jackson
Pages: 20
Language: English
ISBN: 9781304093479
Publication date: 29/07/2013
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This is a guide to growing bonsai at home
Introduction Do not 'buy a bonsai'. That is a poor way to begin this remarkable hobby and usually doomed to failure. Bonsai is not about 'owning' bonsai plants, but rather the satisfaction of taking care of them and specifically developing them. One finds out the essentials of bonsai best by creating them, even your first one. Without these basics, it is unreasonable to expect that somebody could keep one alive, let alone maintaining it as art. There is likewise the cost aspect. Any 'real' bonsai will take at least five years of advancement to be persuading. To get such a bonsai would cost several hundred dollars. Of course you can find 'shopping center bonsai' everywhere, even supermarket. These are junk, they are not bonsai. A 2 year old juniper cutting plunked unceremoniously into a bonsai pot is not bonsai. It is the care and training that makes bonsai; these plants have none.
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Roger Jackson born in Oak Park, Illinois, started his career as a writer in a newspaper office in Kansas City at the age of seventeen. He became a reporter for Canadian and American newspapers. Due to his past background Roger started his work in publicity
writing articles, blogs and e-books. His great passion in his life is animals, cooking and writing.

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