The Wild Ginkgos

Author: jimmy shen
Pages: 163
Language: English
Publication date: 02/11/2020
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A first hand story of wild ginkgos in east China
This book tells the story of the wild ginkgo tree, from the eyes of a native, who grew up at the foot of Mount Tianmu, East China, where wild ginkgos have been flourishing for hundreds of millions of years.

Among a team of advisors of scientists is Professor Zhou, member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, who discovered the oldest ginkgo fossil in 1989. Through his studies, he found the missing link along the Ginkgo’s long evolutionary history.

The highly acclaimed book covers both the ecological and cultural history of gingkos. It is edited by an American Ecologist and a science writer and proofread by a British professional Tree surgeon.

To know more about ginkgos is to know more about nature, and to know more about the most important issue for all life - how to survive, especially during the pandemic time.

Pay tribute to Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

“This is a beautiful and wonderfully complete body of work. I will take time to go through and read thoroughly, it truly deserves time to absorb and reflect. I would love to see this work being showcased in our garden and to be enjoyed by others who appreciate the nature and lore of ginkgo.”

—Kevin Frediani, Curator of Botanic Garden at University of Dundee, United Kingdom

“It is impossible to pigeonhole this book into any one category. A sensitive blend of the sciences, humanities, and arts, a most remarkable tree is brought to life through spectacular photos and engaging text. At a time of so much biodiversity loss, I wish every species could have a Jimmy Shen, someone to tell its story with admiring words and inspiring images. I have always been fascinated by the ginkgo. I now have many more reasons to be.”

—Quentin Wheeler, President, College of Environmental Science and Forestry, The State University of New York

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Jimmy Shen, a native of Mount Tianmu, where wild ginkgos have been flourishing since ancient times, has been a professional photographer for three decades. He learned his craft through apprenticeship to a disciple of a master traditional Chinese painter, Shoutian Pan. His work has been published and exhibited internationally. Shen is a graduate of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies. Please contact him at

Zhiyan Zhou, Paleobotanist, member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Research Professor of Nanjing Institute of Geology and Palaeontology (NIGP), President of Paleo-botanical Society of China, and former vice-chairman of International Organization of Paleobotany, He reported the oldest fossil of Ginkgo biloba. He found with collaborators the “missing link” during ginkgo’s evolution process in the early Cretaceous period. Prof. Zhou carried out joint researches on female ginkgo reproduction organ fossils with foreign counterparts. He explored the evolution form and law of ginkgo order and then proposed the natural taxonomy of the ginkgo order. His studies have been cited and reproduced in textbooks and monographs home and abroad. Prof. Zhou obtained his bachelor’s degree from Nanjing University, his master’s degree from NIGP. He once engaged in advanced studies at Reading University, London University, and Manchester University in Britain as a visiting scholar.

Shiyan Xing, professor, College of Forestry of Shandong Agricultural University, vice-chair of Ginkgo Branch of China Forestry Association. Prof. Xing led a team of 100 odd professionals, conducted field investigations on ginkgo resources in China for three years. Based on the updated information, he edited and published the most complete ginkgo resource book Ginkgo Germplasm Resources In China. Prof. Xing got his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Shandong Agricultural University and his doctorate from Beijing Forestry University.

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