How To be Mentally Strong and Happy Person

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The book consists in her nature and method of application of mental techniques.
This general theoretical part gives a short presentation of the theoretical grounds of the book, which I called recipes, and it also contains useful advice. They are distributed in different categories according to the specific problems they relate to.
This means that some of these categories contain recipes connected with the way one should fight one's prejudices, superstitions and fears, whereas another section of the book contains useful advice which are also split into different categories according to the way people react or act when they have to face particulat problems in life. Some problems have been reviewed separately, and to others one can apply the remaining theoretical principles, because, when the problem is of psychological nature, these principles are relevant, as all psychological problems can be approached the same way regardless of their specific characteristics. Moreover, many of the recipes are intended for self-therapy against various problematic mental states such as depression, panic disorder, panic attacks and anxiety. These recipes offer various techniques for self-control in times of crises, through which one can cope with the problem alone by contantly and consistently applying the prescribed methods until one reaches the final solution to one's problem. Stress can trigger such conditions as the one under pressure may become more vulnerable and sensitive and may begin to suggest different things such as 'people do not like me', 'I have no luck', etc. Whatever the situation, what one should do is 'talk to oneself' of course, metaphorically, but the truth is that if you fall into such a state, you must defeat yourself in a way through mental techniques to cope and neutralize the thoughts that cause bad feelings leading to the above states. And everyone knows what his problem is and, in this sense, when you lie down at night and put your head on the pillow, you know very well what your struggles are and your inner voice your states your problem. In your mind, memories of the event or incident which unlocked the problem and instead of confronting them, we suppress them, but they can not be isolated from the subconsciousness.
At one point in the life of a person some bad things can happen and the person may start thinking that fate punishes him for his deeds, the memories of which emerge, and it may turn out that the person is blaming himself in vain and that there is no guilt, but the guilt is self-inflivcte, which might on its turn lead to various depressive states and mental disorders. So, some of these recipes are aimed at analysis of different states in which a person may be suffering from guilt in order to establish whether you really need to torture yourself and if unjustified torture can be overcome, because it can lead to serious mental disorder. And if he has made the mistake, he has to realise it and to correct it and continue his life without suffering anymore, because that can destroy him over time, which is unacceptable, or he can become a bad person deprived of moral values because he is not able to forgive himself and reach peace of mind. My goal with this book is to help people achieve peace of mind, which, once obtained, is important because if one doesn't have it, the consequences can be very serious. The lack of peace of mind is the foundation of many diseases of civilization, because we humans are exposed to many factors and any stress that may lead to loss of peace of mind of everyone, even the most mentally strong people. That's why I think these recipes can be very useful, namely they can contribute to preserving the peace of mind of the people or to its restoring in those who have already lost it.
So people can achieve harmony with themselves something that is vital for everyone to be happy and prosper in their efforts; therefore, I titled my book 'How to be a mentally strong and happy man.'
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