How to Hypnotize and Influence Someone Effectively

The Essential Guide to Hypnotism and Mind Control

Author: Valerie L. Paul
Pages: 67
Language: English
ISBN: 9781456621209
Publication date: 24/01/2014
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The Essential Guide to Hypnotism and Mind Control
For decades, hypnosis has been widely proven to help people through their daily struggles in life. Although it remains an uncommon practice, it is a useful skill that can help you make positive changes in your life you never would’ve thought possible. Through hypnosis, you are able to rid yourself of those poor negative habits that you’ve been dreading for years, as well as dealing with the stress that you could never be rid off.

This book will tell you how to do all that. In addition, not only will you learn about how to improve your life through hypnosis, but you will also learn how you can help improve the lives of others. You will learn about the basic techniques on how to hypnotize another individual by using induction, deepening, and trance terminal. This book will act as your guide toward your journey of becoming a hypnotist.
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Valerie has had a fascinating interest in the study of hypnosis ever since she took a class on it in her college years to finish up her degree. Although she ended up obtaining a degree in Psychology, her interest on hypnotism remained. Since then, the author began to attend lectures, discussions, and sessions related to hypnotism and how it could be incorporated to every day life.

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