How to Simply Scent your Home using Herbs and Aromatic Oils

Author: Jane Wilks
Pages: 26
Language: English
Publication date: 25/08/2015
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A useful, simple guide on how you can use herbs and oils around the home.
Scent is an integral part of life and arguably the most important of man’s senses. When you linger to sniff a rose, or relish the fresh tangy scent of a freshly squeezed lemon – you are experiencing the joy of aroma.
When you use your sense of smell, it directly connects to the limbic part of the human brain which governs memory and emotion. It can enable you to experience pleasure and heighten your sense of wellbeing.
Throughout the ages man has used the sweet-smelling aroma of nature’s essential oils and herbs for therapeutic use, taste and adornment.
By using aromatic oils and herbs today, you can experience their timeless joy and rediscover the many benefits they bring.
In this concise and informative guide you can find out how to simply scent your home using these oils and herbs. It contains instructions on popular herbal craft through to practical, easy-to-make cleaning recipes and tips.
In this simple manner you can enjoy nature’s fragrant gifts. Discover the versatility of aromatic oils, both pure essential and fragrant, and their power to enhance your surroundings.
Whether it is mixing a potpourri, making pomanders or a fragrant room spray using pure essential oils, you can easily beautify the atmosphere of your home and create a true haven.
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Jane Wilks is an established author and lives in New Zealand with her husband and family. As owner of aromatic oils company Herb Heaven, she has written several books on oils, scent and herbs.

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