An Epitaph for Coyote

Author: Bryan R. Dennis
Pages: 397
Language: English
Publication date: 30/05/2011
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The America Dream just before its pants fells down.
Here lies Henry Pluck -- real estate closer and frequenter of nursing homes, who believed his life was one slice short of the starry-striped apple pie of success. A perfectionist at work and an eater of sandwiches, he drove an import, lived alone in a box, and was virtually indistinguishable from any other salaried clerk in Vegas Baby, Nevada.

So might have read the inscription on his gravestone.

But when he encounters Rosa Santana, an unconventional and perplexing young woman from the desert, he learns what a defunct building feels like before a wrecking ball.

This is a portrait of a lonely man coming to terms with his flawed interpretation of perfection.
For the world is not what Henry thinks it is, and as he’ll soon discover, neither is Rosa. This is the wild, mysterious world of 4,000 year old movies, cosmic irony, predators, and prey.

This is the American Dream, just before its pants fell down.

Amazon 2008 Breakthrough Novel Award semi-finalist

“This is an intelligent and at times very funny novel as unpredictable as life, and as memorable. The 'message' is so cleverly presented as well-written and engaging fiction that one may find oneself rereading the last few chapters, again and again.”

-- Publisher’s Weekly
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Born and raised near Chicago, Illinois, Bryan enlisted in the Army upon graduation from High School and served his term in Germany. Afterwards he moved to Las Vegas, Nevada and enrolled in UNLV’s college of business. It took a degree in Accounting, three years of daydreaming in cubicles, and a collection of stories piling up on his hard drive to learn that he is a writer and not an accountant.

His writing style is influenced most by screenplays, of which he is a voracious reader. Chandler, Carver, Hemingway, Bukowski, and Murakami are also heavy influences. He currently resides with his family in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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