In dominant Love - Vol. 1: Time of probation

A FemDom Cycle

Author: G. Horsam
Pages: 220
Language: English
Publication date: 01/06/2016
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This cycle offers an insight into the lives of couples where women dominate
Claudia is 37 years old, confident, demonstratively dominant and has a firm idea about her role in any romantic relationship. At an erotic public reading she gets to know Thomas, who turns out to be extraordinarily curious – but hesitates to fully subject himself to female dominance. The page is turned when Thomas suggests coming as a ‘guest’ to a party where dominant women regularly meet. Claudia refuses this because she fears embarrassing herself with an absolute beginner and instead proposes that she will train Thomas for 14 days to become a presentable slave.

Even though Thomas is harbouring doubts, he eventually agrees, not wanting to risk his blossoming love. However, he has no idea just how consequent Claudia is going to train him. His feelings go on a rollercoaster ride under the infernal pain and humiliation he is suffering – yet binding him more and more intensely to his unyielding mistress.

But where is the path into this dark, breathtaking world of painful lust going to lead? Is Thomas ever going to accept being subjected by a woman and having a loving relationship with her at the same time? Will his “training level” at the end of the probationary period suffice to be accepted as a slave? This novel documents the mixed sensual emotions of a man driven by lust and passion and of a woman leading him consequently to the very relationship he had been dreaming of.
The cycle ‘In dominant Love’ offers an insight into the lives of couples where women dominate with their erotic force and distinct confidence. ‘FemDom’ (Female Dominance) is the key word which connects a community of befriending couples. Each novel tells a unique, self-contained story in the realms of female dominance.
Contents: D/s, Femdom, Love, Bondage, Immobilisation, Humiliation, Shaving, Caning, Pegs, Pet Play, CBT, Dominance, Sadism, SM, Power, Obedience, Slave, Mistress, Tease & Denial, Feminisation, BDSM, Eroticism, Erotic Literature, Discipline

G. Horsam is pronounced ‘Gehorsam’ and would mean ‘O. Bedience’ in translation. The author happily lives in a FemDom relationship with his partner. His novels are extraordinarily popular in Germany with women, men and particularly with couples interested in FemDom. They are generally described as ‘authentic, exciting and sensitive‘. Volume 2 of the cycle will be published in November 2015, Volume 3 early in 2016. Currently, G. Horsam and his partner are cooperating on a FemDom manual.

The novels are translated into English by A. Blendl.
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G. Horsam and his partner live in the German Rhineland. Ever since they discovered the field of BDSM/FemDom for themselves, they have been thrilled by the variety and intensity within this way of life and as a side effect, they also developed a new hobby: Writing erotic stories about FemDom, in the beginning only published in German scene magazines. Encouraged by the positive responses of his readers, G. Horsam published a first collection of short stories on Amazon late in 2013. 2014 an anthology of German FemDom writers followed in a publishing house under the title ‘Club der Sinne’. By now there is an entire series of novels which are all assessed as being ‘authentic, exciting and sensitive’.
He is mainly fascinated by the relationships between people who love and honour each other but also view FemDom as enriching for their partnership. His novels deal with love and passion, mixed with consequent rigour, punishment and education. To him, one thing always has prime importante: That everybody participates in the action voluntarily.

Author’s note:
Well, of course at times there is also fun and the readers may smirk.
Other than that: I am still hugely happy about the great interest in my novels and in particular about the many mails, which come from couples to an astonishing extent. In a survey (‘Who is actually reading FemDom literature and why’) this result was confirmed. In the past almost only men read these novels; today the percentage of females and couples as readers has significantly increased. As a reason for buying FemDom literature, people gave for the most part ‘Entertainment’ and ‘Stimulus for new ideas’. I hope that I fulfill exactly that.

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