Ken Mink

This book answers many of the most important questions about Heaven and Hell. Such as, will we know our friends and relatives in Heaven, does cremation prevent anyone from going to Heaven, will we see our pets in Heaven, what age are we in Heaven, do.. read more ..
0.99 €
The Odyssey of a 73-Year-Old College Basketball Player
This is the story of a young Eastern Kentucky boy who achieved his dream of becoming a college basketball player, only to see his dream unfairly snatched away from him. But 53 years later he managed to revive his dream and return to the college baske.. read more ..
9.95 €
Coal Mine Explosion Reveals Trail Of Deception
Based on a true story. A small Eastern Kentucky mountain community becomes outraged when it is learned that a disastrous coal mine explosion was caused by company greed. The company violates several safety rules, leading to the entrapment of 32 men i.. read more ..
8.95 €
Texas Teen Cowboy Seeks Revenge For Murder Of Parents
A most unique Western saga in that it incorporates actual historical people, places and events into the fabric of the story. A 15-year-old boy sees two cowboy killers gun down his parents at his family's West Texas ranch in 1865 and he vows to reveng.. read more ..
7.62 €
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