Ryan Schneider

Imagine a world in which air pollution is a thing of the past, cheap renewable energy is commonplace, and robotics is a daily reality as ubiquitous as mobile phones are to us today. In the future people still go to work and to the gym and to the s.. read more ..
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Book One of THE GO-KIDS
Kingdom City, New York. 2047. On the eve of his 13th birthday, Parker Perkins stands in the corner of his bedroom, his back against the wall. Constant, terrifying nightmares plague his sleep and he stares at his bed, exhausted, almost delirious.. read more ..
0.76 €
A little girl lost in the woods. Vigilante justice exacted upon hillbilly rapists. Sex with an octopus. Time travel. These are but a few of the themes awaiting you within the pages of THE PILLOW BOOK, the first joint effort between two aw.. read more ..
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