David Robinson

Stasis Center Book 2
Flix is free! He has escaped the inescapable prison. Now he has the whole of space and time at his disposal and he is determined to build his army of zombies. When he attacks a Cumbrian TV Transmitter in 2010, tkaing over the body of the chief eng.. read more ..
3.56 €
Stasis Center Book 1
For almost 900 years the evil spirit of Flix has watched comings and goings in the real world, seeking a route back to life. And now that men have tapped into stasis energy, Flix can harness that power and achieve his ambition: an army of zombies con.. read more ..
2.98 €
A Space Truckers Adventure
For space truckers Bazill Beatel and Grenlon Garamine it’s just another day aboard the Chuckling Pig, but when they pick up an illegal consignment of deadly coronallium, it’s time to run. Escaping the clutches of the Militia they call by Doomy’s C.. read more ..
1.49 €
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