Donald E. Swann II

Georgie loves his afternoon snack of animal crackers and with them, his imagination runs free. When he leaves his room, they escape from his table and the mystery of what happened to his animal crackers begins. Georgie and his brother go searching fo.. read more ..
3.99 €
(Amare Dumisuni, FBI)
When the FBI is called in for a child abduction, Special Agent Dumasuni uncovers something much worse and time is on no one's side. International espionage, FBI Thriller, Human Trafficking, KGB. Navigating a dark, international layer of betrayal, .. read more ..
2.99 €
A Story About Food Allergies
What happens when a robot has a bowl of chicken soup? Will his wires melt? His little body rust? We know that a little robot can't eat soup, because his food allergy could make him very sick and that could be bad. Chip is a robot that suffers an a.. read more ..
3.84 €
The White Powder Fund
Hitting rock bottom after Wall Street crashes, a stockbroker/playboy with a habit (he won't disclose) creates a new stock, with a dirty little secret, to get back on top. Funded with the proceeds from a cartel. A 1980's CRIME THRILLER & a Great Su.. read more ..
4.32 €
The Adventures of Gehru and Jorka
A story about bullying that takes place under the sea. Can a great white shark and a killer whale be friends, even though they look very different? Gehru (ghay-roo) is the bully of his school until he meets Jorka (York-ah) the Orca. That's when Gehru.. read more ..
3.99 €
Charlie and His Magic Stone
Charlie is a little boy whom doesn't know the difference between frogs and toads, unsure he uses a magic stone that allows him to talk to any creature and soon Charlie learns what makes a frog a frog, and a toad a toad. A fun,picture book about frogs.. read more ..
3.49 €
The Strength of Hope
Hope is a powerful presence of inspiration, giving initiative or drive to do great things, despite the lack of something we can see or hold. Is hope a spiritual or philosophical thing? All that matters is we find it in our time of need... the belief .. read more ..
1.49 €
The Fish That Taught Tim To Swim
The story of a shy little boy who makes friends with Humu a Royal, Hawaiian Fish. Humu teaches him about the ocean and how to swim, with his dolphin friends I hope that you might write a positive review. Thank you... read more ..
1.52 €
Stories of Antlers, Dragon and Rodent
The Adventures of Antlers, Dragon and Rodent is a story about three friends who want to go surfing, but each have chores to do that will take all day. They learn thru teamwork that they might accomplish their goals together. My hope is that I rais.. read more ..
1.91 €
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