Dennis E. Adonis

A London aggravated sex-crimes detective would discover his worst fears, in his quest to track down and capture a violent serial rapist, who repeatedly gives the cops some provoking clues prior to attacking and after attacking a victim. Set in mod.. read more ..
3.49 €
For most of us, sex has always been an avid and interesting topic, as we continued to be regaled by its ability to offer us a level of pleasure that is often too difficult for us to explain. On the other hand, it offers an equal degree of emotiona.. read more ..
2.99 €
Regardless of a woman's economic, social, political or spiritual standing, nothing can stop her from cheating if she really wants to. However, when a woman broke the same doctrines of infidelity, that she preaches strongly against to others; - the st.. read more ..
2.29 €
This book, chronicles an Irish female student struggles to find her true sexual identity and later indulging in a sort of committed but forbidden lesbian relationship between herself and a recently graduated female Jamaican lawyer. Set almost ent.. read more ..
5.49 €
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