Billy Guajardo

Lord of the Sea, 1
Dark Sea Gods Name Graphite Will Wage War against his Brothers, Zero and Grog. Both Made of White Scale, Tall as the Sea is high and Relentless Fearless Gods. In War, He will remind them who Ruled everything in the 7 Seas once before. God.. read more ..
1.76 €
Where's My Money
My first story is about a Mobster named Billy-Bag-A-Donuts. One day he will walk into a Bank which in turn will change the lives of many people. Numerous Henchmen will fall in a Gunfight between FBI, Police and 12 Ruthless Notorious Mobsters. Men.. read more ..
2.65 €
Godless, 1
The godless Billy woke in an Angelic Soft White Light. All he could remember, is a fight between Hellmen sent back to Earth from Hell. A mortal who fought an immortal combat between combatants. for life and death on the mean streets. Police s.. read more ..
0.88 €
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