Die Kunst des Kauens - Abnehmen leicht gemacht

Ohne Verzicht zur Wunschfigur

Author: Marion Selzer
Pages: 17
Language: German
Publication date: 13/04/2010
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Durch richtiges Kauen ohne Verzicht zur Traumfigur
Die Kunst des Kauens

Wer träumt nicht davon auf einem einfachen und bequemen Weg abzunehmen – ohne Quälerei, Kalorien zählen oder Verzicht? Wenn Sie dauerhaft abnehmen möchten, dabei auf nichts verzichten möchten, könnte dieser Ratgeber genau das Richtige für Sie sein.

Indem Sie es sich zur Gewohnheit machen, ab sofort Ihre Mahlzeiten gründlicher zu kauen, werden Sie langsam und stetig Ihrem Wunschgewicht immer näher kommen – und zwar ohne Ernährungsumstellung und Verzicht.

Wer jeden Bissen gründlich kaut, entlastet die Verdauungsorgane und erkennt auch ein Sättigungsgefühl wieder viel früher. Dabei darf man nicht nur alles essen, sondern sich auch darin üben, den Gaumengenuss mit voller Hingabe zu praktizieren. Wird jeder Bissen voll ausgekostet, können sich feinste Geschmacksnuancen erst richtig entfalten. Die Kunst des Kauens unterstützt uns daher nicht nur bei der Gewichtsabnahme, sondern erhöht auch unser Geschmackserlebnis.

Richtiges Kauen bietet Vorteile auf der ganzen Linie:
- Völlegefühl und Müdigkeit nach dem Essen verschwinden
- Vitalität und Energie steigen
- Nährstoffe werden besser aufgenommen
- Linderung und Vorbeugung von Magen-Darm-Erkrankungen
- mehr und höheres Genussempfinden
- Pfunde purzeln ohne Ernährungsumstellung
- ein neues Bewusstsein, das unser gesamtes Leben beeinflussen kann

Und das Schöne daran ist: Richtiges Kauen kann von jedem ganz leicht und überall aus­geführt werden. Und zwar ab sofort.

Richtiges Kauen verhilft zu:
~ mehr Wohlbefinden
~ einer schlanken Linie
~ und mehr Genuss
Und das alles bei gleich bleibender Ernährung!

In diesem Ratgeber werden Sie nicht nur in die Geheimnisse der Kunst des Kauens eingeweiht, sondern erfahren auch, was die Art und Weise, wie wir kauen, über unsere Persönlichkeit verrät. Tauchen Sie in ein neues Bewusstsein ein, das Sie zu einer allmählichen Ernährungsumstellung inspiriert. Diese Änderung geht dann mit Genuss und Freude einher und hat nichts mit Disziplin oder Verzicht zu tun.

Freuen Sie sich auf die Tipps und Tricks der Ernährungsberaterin Marion Selzer.
Und erhalten Sie mehr Wohlbefinden und gleichzeitig eine schlanke Linie – ohne Verzicht oder Willensanstrengung!

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My Story
I've always loved to eat myself. Sweets, chocolate, Nutella sandwiches and pasta were at the very top of my list. This meant that I was always carrying around a few extra pounds ever since I can remember. I never really found this to be tragic.

It was only when I ran into in a phase in which I always took in larger and larger amounts of food at about 19 that the fear of gaining more weight came up. I quickly learned to vomit after eating and was able to at least prevent the risk of excessive weight gain. As such, I could keep my behavior, which I was ashamed of, secret. I bought the large amounts of foods that I used up in different stores so that nobody would notice. Such phases alternated with phases of strict restrictions. I forbade myself all the things that I thought were unhealthy and bad, but then I would lose my joy of life and admit defeat by giving in to my food cravings before long.

For a long time, I did not understand what the real reasons for my behavior were and each attempt of breaking this cycle failed. I suffered a lot from the idea of having just too little discipline and willpower and knew no way out.

One day, I got the courage to confide in my then best friend and my former boyfriend. But unfortunately this cry for help backfired. While my boyfriend meet me with too much indifference, my girlfriend confronted me with an excess of panic so that I felt that neither of them really understood me and assured them that I had my behavior under control a short time later. I do not blame the two, no, on the contrary. I now understand that they must have felt overwhelmed by my message at that time and each handled the situation in his or her own way. I decided to keep my problem to myself in any case and to the search for solutions myself.

The study of numerous readings, a new, understanding boyfriend who supported me enormously through his sensitive and sympathetic manner, as well as its therapeutic knowledge, helped as well as the in-depth work on myself and working through my past the vicious cycle of overeating, vomiting, and chastising myself in order to leave it behind.

Step by step, I found my way back to controlled eating habits and started to enjoy food again. Even though the path was not easy and straightforward, it was worth it.

Today, I know the emotional entanglements, which led to my binge eating and I know what I can do to not let the cravings arise again. I have found the joy in eating again and enjoy every bite as often as possible. In addition, I have acquired a completely altered self-image, gotten back in touch with my gut feeling, my inner voice that guides me more and more in a direction that is conducive to all levels of my being.

You can also re-master the situation and regain the joy of eating.If you have already tried different methods to change your eating habits without any long-term success, you are probably frustrated and ready to give up. However, there is no reason to panic, because you will make your way out of this vicious circle!

In this guide, I will show you:
- How to view your problems as an opportunity for your own development.
- We will determine the psychological backgrounds behind your behavior and work through
them step by step.
- In addition, you will learn how to sensitively reconnect with yourself. You'll be surprised at how
miraculously your relationship with yourself and therefore your behavior will change as well.

I too was trapped in the cycle of overeating, waxing and waning for a long time. By dealing with the psychological relationships, I managed to accept myself and my behavior more and more and transform it in a sensitive manner. I suffered from a bad conscience less and less, opened up to the hidden causes of my behavior and achieved a new perspective through which my behavior changed on its own by carefully observing.

The cure also requires the willingness to really feel the pain that eating too much or too little causes - an admittedly not so simple step that requires a healthy dose of openness and courage. A sensitive way of dealing with ourselves, inspired by the model of nonviolent communication, helps us to make this move as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

You will manage to find your way back to an eating behavior, which provides you with fun and enjoyment - and does so without discipline and sacrifice. But from the inner motivation "to be good to yourself." An attractive and healthy body will be a very natural result and a beautiful side effect of this process ;)

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