MailTo: An Escort - Part 2

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Publication date: 25.04.2011
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If you’ve ever wanted to pry into an escort’s email ... read this!
This is my second e-book, as I continue to go through old emails. As of this writing, no one has even bought the first (I learned alot about formatting and ebook publishing from it!).

I want to communicate my thoughts and document my experiences before they become irrelevant.

As with my first and previous e-book, MailTo: An Escort, although I’ve left grammar and spelling intact, all potentially identifying information has been changed; and if you think you recognize yourself or me in this, you are probably wrong. I really had fun with an online random name generator.

These are pasted in order of oldest first… you can see my contact form fields changing as I grow more experienced and different responses as I tried different ads, even advertising in the NearbyBigCity Eros Guide. No “big city” (or metro area) of more than 100k people was closer than 3-4 hours away. “MyTown” had about 70k people.

Finally, you almost never hear from the men who see escorts; they have lives and wives to protect. These men who see escorts are an isolated demographic, unless you count the guys who spill explicit details of their adventures paying for sex on the “review” message boards (those guys are NOT the norm, especially in small towns). Hopefully this gives a glimpse into that aspect, from the mens’ perspective, as communicated to the escort they wanted to see.

If you’ve ever wanted to pry into an escort’s email to see what kinds of guys contact her, to read what they have to say… I hope this piques your curiosity and leaves you eager to read more of my missives!
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I was an escort. These are my stories.

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