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313 introductions from real escort clients- the complete collection
I was an escort in a small town for a while. These are the real contacts that I received through my now defunct escort website, and span about eight months. I’ve retained most of the stupid and short emails, in order to document the bigger picture of whatever the bigger picture is of men in small towns who contact escorts.

I’ve written this in four parts, each with a preface, because when initially going through my old email box, I didn’t realize how many I’d not deleted when I quit escorting. I was afraid that if I didn’t initially and immediately publish as short ebooks, that I would lose momentum, get bored, talk myself out of sharing this very personal digital ephemera.
I’ve changed names (including my own escort name), potentially identifying information, and anonymized the locations, with “Nearby Big City” (and similarly worded) being between a 3-5 hour drive away. Dates may also have been shifted.

Otherwise, these 313 introductions from guys who filled out the contact form on my site, are unedited.

There is so much media attention paid to the dynamics of escorting in big cities, of street walkers, of the super duper high end jet setter girls…Still, unless it’s a high profile client, or unless something terrible happens, very little attention is paid to what kinds of men see escorts, and why they seek out erotic services. I hope that these emails paint a more realistic picture of the vast middle, from the middle.

If you recognize yourself, or think you recognize me, in any of these notes, then it’s purely coincidental and you’re probably wrong.

If you’ve ever wanted to snoop through an escort’s personal email and see what kind of men contact and see escorts, I hope that this book leaves your interest even more piqued… I hope you enjoy reading this
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I was an escort. These are my stories.

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