Six Years in May

Thirteen Stories from a Very Odd Mind

Pages: 92
Language: English
Publication date: 11.05.2011
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These tales range from normal to fantastic, tragic to the comedic.
These tales range from the almost normal to the fantastic, from the tragic to the comedic, from from dark tale to fairytale.

You'll encounter a futuristic 'mind cleaner' and an angel, a rodeo cowboy and a raven-haired woman, and Casanova and his one true love.

In Death Valley you'll meet an incredulous hiker and a flippant God.

You'll live the life of a writer as he slips away mentally, and you'll watch a storm chaser in Oklahoma remember he's an alien.

You'll share the frustrations of a rural boy who watches helplessly as his future is washed away in a flash flood, and you'll learn the ground rules about frightening little things we all know deep inside but don't generally admit aloud. What's the morality of euthanasia? What is the oldest debt?

You'll watch Karma at work on or near a boy who loves to crush bugs, and you'll accompany a Cajun man on a single-minded mission into the backwoods of Louisiana in a deep, humid night.

Finally you'll witness hell on earth in the title story, 'Six Years in May,' and then relive the story of Little Red Riding Hood with a new, improved, empowered Red.

As an added bonus, vignettes are interspersed among these tales in the style of Papa Hemingway to form another story. This story, marked in Parts and not indicated in the table of contents, is at once a story, a recollection, a history and a confession.

It is truth and fiction, reality and fantasy. I'll let you choose which is which.
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Eric Stringer (the borderline psychotic persona of Harvey Stanbrough) is a miserably failed newspaper reporter whose father was obsessed with one soft spot after another and whose mother didn’t love him enough to care that she didn’t love him enough. She swapped him to a camel jocky she met along the border in southern California for a hit off his crack pipe and a swing on his banana hammock.

Eric was born in poverty and clawed his way up to debauchery and tearing the wings off young maidens. Once he got out of prison for failing to vote multiple times in an election (he lived in Chicago at the time, and the law’s the law) he began to write stories about all the strange and unusual things he saw. Some of them were actually there.

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