The Planet Strappers

Author: Raymond Gallun
Pages: 152
Language: English
ISBN: 9781612103532
Publication date: 23.06.2011
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Out There--the world's first space colony--adventures and dangers beyo
Out There--the world's first space colony--adventures and dangers beyond human ken!

*A Million Miles Beyond the Moon...*

... Nelson and Ramos sped on toward Mars in their tiny plastic-bubble spacecraft. They were on the alert--it didn't pay to take anything for granted in the Big Vacuum....

The way between the worlds was mostly empty space--except for the outlaws of the void who drifted, patiently and vengefully waiting for a victim, then struck!

Nelsen and Ramos tensed--blips on the radar screen! Maybe meteors... More blips--and fist-sized chunks of rock flicked through their fragile vehicles. Air puffed out ... and Nelson and Ramos were fighting for their lives...

*... A Million Miles Beyond the Moon!*
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