The Coming Darkness

Author: John Ankerberg
Pages: 193
Language: English
Publication date: 30/11/-0001
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Who are these spirits? What do they want from us? Points to true deliverance.
Millions of people are risking everything to seek the occult world & its alluring power. But this intriguing contact with supernatural power is not what it seems to be. Researchers John Ankerberg & John Weldon convincingly document with eyewitness accounts, occult practices are not 'spiritual' or 'godly.' Rather, they are a deceptive trap backed by demonic power. Participants are courting disaster for themselves & their families by exposure to spiritual entities who seek their destruction. Who are these spirits? And what do they want from us? An in-depth perspective on occult activity & its dangers. This book also points to the one source of true deliverance.
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El Dr. Neil Macaulay (1919-1993) fue un evangelista que viajó por el mundo dirigiendo grandes cruzadas evangelísticas en los años de 1940 y 1950. Él predicó extensamente en Australia y Nueva Zelandia, así como también en los Estados Unidos de América. A través de sus viajes vio la necesidad del valor de la radio y la televisión cristianas, en las cuales se involucró activamente utilizándolas para presentar el Evangelio.

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