In Footsteps of Clancy

Author: Robert Morice
Pages: 49 word
Language: English
Publication date: 30/11/-0001
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a boy becoming a man . enduring the lessons of nature ,our greatest teacher
A selfcentered intravert boy becomming a joy filed man with for others love and compassion a story of love courage and finding his soul in remote country, were the least mistake will have you in the jaws of a crocidle or dying a long terrible death from no water , A sheep farmer pushed to his endurance and finding him self, his reason for life.To become a better person compassion and love ,

The author worred that editoring or tidy up the writting of December 1983 of his book, Such work may result in the loss of passion,the zing ,the excitment, the love in the author heart for the land, The land is part of the author heart, as much as he is part of his land, Times change ,feelings change, writting changes.

So what you read is, the draft copy of my feelings that touched my soul so long ago Enjoy reading
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a exrancher ex farmer a water colour and oil painter, private trader of wall street Comming from the same area of were Banjo patterson wrote Waltsing Matilder The out back ,A harsh unforgiving dangerious part of Australia A fighter for farmers and ranchers rights to live and prosper in harmony with rest of Australians

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