Tales of Other Worlds

Author: Chris Turner
Pages: 194
Language: English
Publication date: 27/10/2011
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An anthology of Fantasy and Science Fiction short stories
A young reader's medley of ten fantasy and scifi stories to delight and create wonder . . .

Inside awaits you...

. . . a gang of teens discover clues to their heritage and unsettling facts about their backward world.
. . . a flowerfly escapes the gravity of her planet and tours the solar system.
. . . a mischievous glist seduces a woebegone archer to the realm of Phargus, where anything is possible—or so it seems.
. . . an upstart swordswoman battles a mechanical abomination at a famous tournament.
. . . a professor shocks the world with his AI invention until it starts proving itself cleverer than its creator and things start to go awry.
. . . a backfired spell hurls a Magus into the murky realm of Ynos where he must outwit bizarre creatures and find his way back to the world of reality.
. . . an eloquent knight must save a girl from the clutches of Castle Creep.
. . . a young thief comes to know the wrath of a pharaoh.
. . . and many more!
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Chris is a prolific author of fantasy, adventure, and science fiction.

His writing spans many genres: heroic fantasy, sword and sorcery and speculative fiction.

His books include: the Rogues of Bindar series, Future Destinies, Fantastic Realms and Denibus Ar.

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