Gambler's Creative Scams

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Gambler's always looking for an edge . . .
If you've ever played in a poker tournament, you should enjoy this wild tale. The story uses the author's own experiences in poker tournaments to illustrate some of the things that can happen during the contest.
Several fictitious tournament scams that challenge the intelligence of the authorities are intertwined with an ongoing fictitious corporate scam where various people are skimming money from slot machine owners.
The devious nature of these scams exposes the mindset of shady characters and produces some unexpected outcomes and some surprising results.
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Michael Don Fess, fresh from a varied career, seeks to stimulate thought outside the arena of commonly accepted “facts.” He uses his degree in physics, his Christian upbringing, and his inquisitive mind to challenge you and to seek today’s “truth.” Always an innovator, he constantly found new and better ways to accomplish tasks and to open new doors. He never accepted that tired, trite expression, “It is done this way because that is the way we have always done it.”

He wrote his non-fiction book to make a contribution to the education of the existing younger generations and to prod future generations to think instead of blindly following their parent’s path. Recognizing that much of today’s philosophical teachings are based on ancient conclusions made by men with limited knowledge, he explores new conclusions based on more recent discoveries.

The fiction trilogy was inspired by living in Louisiana for forty years of political campaigns and through those successive administrations. Much of the content is based on actual happenings. The names and places have been changed along with the addition of spicy details.

As an accomplished musician who prefers the more creative “Dixieland” style and a regional Hall of Fame Sculptor who crafts “suggestive” shapes, he penned this unusual approach for sharing his thoughts.

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