Rosa Parks’s Magic Farm Adventures

Rosa’s Poems and Stories Reimagined for Boys and Girls

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Publication date: 06/02/2012
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Rosa Parks: Her Early Life and Childhood Reimagined. We also know a young Rosa
Rosa’s Poems and Stories Reimagined for Boys and Girls
Rosa Parks: Her Early Life and Childhood Reimagined
Rosa’s Magic Farm Adventures

We met Rosa Parks when she was 42 years old on December 1, 1955 in the front row of a city bus. How about her early life and childhood?
Born Rosa Louise McCauley, she was the loving daughter of James and Leona McCauley, respectively a carpenter and a teacher.
Rosa grew up on a farm in Level, Alabama. She and her parents lived on the grandparents' farm.

This book is a fictional account of Rosa McCauley's childhood on a large farm. It will tell you about the many adventures she used to go on with her pet dog Chester and pet goat Chiva. It will also tell you how Rosa got her first babysitting job. Having learned how to take care of chickens, pigs, goats on the farm, she grew up to be a very responsible girl.

Babysitting her younger brother and cousin turned out to be a very tasking job. She was unable to keep them quiet long enough for any activity. Both boys had a mind of their own. They enjoyed going on outdoors adventures on their own. They wanted to find out what was terrorizing black people in their community. Wearing camouflage and riding their parents' fastest horses, they set out to discover the source of all the nighttime cross burning. They wanted to find out what caused their older sister to have nightmares and become fearful of the dark. They wanted to know why the clan was lynching black people and burning crosses at night.
Ah! ignorance was bliss even in their young days! Had they said anything about their covert plans to their parents or any adults, they would have discouraged them from even trying such adventures!
Playing soldiers is one thing, but trespassing onto a forbidden community full of hatred and bent on keeping the status quo was another thing. It was pure suicide for those two black boys.
And the suspense builds on.
Find out what happened when some clansmen spotted them galloping away.....from their cross stockpile....

This is an action-packed, fictional account of Rosa's childhood adventures.
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