My Bestfriends Man

Author: Iris Deorre
Pages: 21
Language: English
Publication date: 30/11/-0001
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Charlene has always despised people who cheat or are cheaters.
Charlene has always despised people who cheat or are cheaters. She never once suspected that she would one day stand on the firing line and be called one of the awful names she'd called cheaters.

When her best friend Erin turns up to a night out with a handsome hunk on her arm, sparks fly. Charlene can't help it, she is immediately drawn to Connor. Connor is also drawn to her and with his confidence begins to pursue her. Although Charlene doesn't believe that love at first sight exists, she's beginning to think she doesn’t know what love feels like.

She tries her best to resist Connor but eventually gives into his charms, not once but three times. It is on the third time she realises she can’t stand to be without him and yet she can't risk her friendship.

Finally Connor leaves Erin for her and it is then that Charlene has to face the music of ruining not only her friendship but her chance at love. It is only after deep soul searching does Erin discover that the problem lied with her and it takes a big move on her part to forgive Charlene.

Even though Charlene regrets the way she had handled her relationship with Connor, she doesn’t regret loving him. In the end Charlene believes that love at first sight does exist and that it comes in unexpected ways.
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Writer and entrepreneur. I love to stimulate and entertain. My stories and fantasies involve vampires, werewolves, faries and even zombies at times. For more stories pop round to my blog,

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