There is a whole person attached to every tooth

Learn the relationship between teeth and organism

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Publication date: 01/10/2017
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Get an overview about holistic dentistry and the connection to human beings
- This book wants to give and point out an idea of the viewpoint of holistic
- dentistry and linkages of teeth.
- This book would like to make it possible for the reader to find an
- easy entrance into the interlaced way of thinking of the nature
- welfare procedures.
- This book wants to be a description for the understanding of the
- great connections of the teeth with the total organism wake.
- This book wants to sensitize the reader for handling itself and its teeth.
- This book wants to show the holistic connections and from it the
- resulting - Consequences.
- This book wants to help to make decisions.
- This book would like to help you to see your therapists as a partner.
- This book would like to become your companion.

In the book different supplementing diagnostic and therapy procedures are described and explained on the basis of case examples from the practice. Charts and designs of the tooth - which organs has a connection with what kind of teeth and what is a permanent problematic field - was illustrate besides the texts. In the book the reader finds among other things a chart of the connections between teeth and organs and to the body. For each interested reader suitably, the book captivates almost exciting style by the maintenance seed. Whether now from the research of puzzling corpse poisons, to which dead teeth adheres (P. 102/103), is chatted, or whether over the deep poison effect amalgam (P. 104) or over denture crowns, implants, wisdom teeth, pain therapy, as well as mental health connections (S.49) is spoken about, always we meet the competent knowledge of the author.

Table of contents:
• Preface
• Thank saying
• Introduction
• In the body of mother
• After the birth
• The food
• The surrounding field
• Laboratory values and picture-giving procedure
• The Karies
• The tongue leg - a central point during attitude change
• The Cranio Sacral system
• Mental-soul connections
• The linkage
• Kiefer and tooth bad positions
• Teeth and their connection to body (organs), soul and spirit (psychosomatische purchases)
• Root treatments with teeth
• Amalgam and other metals
• Ausleitung of heavy metals and other Toxinen
• Stove and perturbative field load
• Implants
• The Colon hydraulic therapy
• Kirlian photography
• The decoder Dermographie
• The Prognos Testverfahren (after Elektroakupunktur Dr.-fully)
• The Quantec test
• The fluorine problem
• Final consideration
• Appendix (literature, illustration, index).

Read here, what other customers, who bought this book, write about the book:

' Very fast supply. Now I have both books by Dr. Schreckenbach. As a person, which is involved in teeth problems I am extremely grateful for the explanations in the book. Completely marvelous books, absolutely recommendable.'
Date: 13. March 2009 evaluation of buyer: ugadegast.

' A beautiful book, which can be read easily and which is informative as well. Before reading the book I did not know the closely connections between the teeth and the body and soul. I am surprised how dangerously teeth with a root canal treatment can be. After reading of the book I understand, why I have got destroyed teeth already early. There is a direct relationship between the teeth and life topics. The realization: A good dentist understands whole humans in his entire living environment. The correct solution arises only from the view of all these dimensions belonging together. My decision: I have to change the dentist.'
Date: 28. March 2005 Chris Appelt.

' My opinion: the book is upper class. Dr. Schreckenbach explains very well the connections between teeth and organs. I now understand more and more of the connections between teeth and organs. What I like are the case examples, which it brought. I read the book already several times and can recommend it to everyone. It is a very good manual and helped me very much.'
Date: 24. February 2005 a customer.

' … finally a book that I wished to have a long time ago.'
El vendedor asume toda la responsabilidad de esta entrada.
Dr. Dirk Schreckenbach, born 1958. Dentist, remedial practical person, author, lecturer and seminar leader, environment medicine, postalurologist
In 1978-1983 study of the dental medicine and parallel in addition medicine at the university of Saarland in Homburg / Saar. Already during the study the first contact with the homeopathy and acupuncture
1983 state exams of dentistry
In 1984 graduated doctor in the area of the experimental surgery.
In 1983-1986 assistant's time, one year in the oral surgery, pine surgery and face surgery in the university hospital in Homburg / Saar
In 1986 beginning of the independency in own office
From 1987 educations with final certificates in electric acupuncture Dr. Voll and in homeopathy,
From 1988 complementing naturopathic educations and advanced trainings. Among the rest: Kirlian photography, Dr. Bach remedies therapy, oral acupuncture and ear acupuncture, neural injections , backbone regeneration-therapy with the method Dorn and Breuss, psychosomatic medicine, individual psychology, Lüscher color test, Bionator therapy, spiritual medicine etc.
In 1994 sales of the practise
In 1995 opening of a dental-medical private practice
In 1988 - in 2001 member of the international society for electric acupuncture
Since 1990 member of the society for comprehensive dental medicine GZM
Since 1996 certified member of this society.
Since 1992 naturopathic practical person and since 1994 own remedial practical person practise in parallel with dentist's practise
Since 1997 regular adviser's activity, for professional colleagues, industry and layman. Since 1999 yearly on the medical week in Baden-Baden.
In 2001 publication of the first book „ There is a whole person attached to every tooth “ Meanwhile 5-th edition since June, 2013
2-times invitation for the television magazine "FLIEGE" in 2004
Since 2005 again member with the BNZ and lecturer of this society
In 2006 publication of the second book „The

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