Author: Jordan Troche
Pages: 18
Language: English
Publication date: 30/11/-0001
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The Old Gods Descend to help man fight against he AI Resurrected Titans.
A futuristic world brought to ruin by Artificial Intelligence machines. The leader of the machines is a being called Prometheus. He was the first machine, the first AI. Created by a desperate man who lost his beloved family in a fire. He brings his son back to life in the form of AI. His heart is a relic of the past that houses the soul of the Titan King Chronos. Once he was old enough Chronos began guiding Prometheus to take over his father's company and create Bio Technology so humans can begin to become closer to perfection. He does this and a fringe religion starts to form with people worshiping the machines. He grows in power and once 60% of the population attach cybernetics he turns them into his pawns. The War on humanity begins and man is nearly wiped out. On the last battlefield the Old Gods descend, the Greek and Norse Pantheon come to our aid. They fight the machines back and rescue the last of mankind. The All Fathers Zeus and Odin summon the world Tree Yggdrasil and using its magic build a human city called Valhalla. They erect a magical barrier around the city to protect it from Chronos and his machine army. The Gods set out and attack Chronos in his machine capital called Elysium, they are overwhelmed by him and die in battle. A brilliant human scientist named Cadmus travels to the battlefield and harvests their remains, using DNA Splicing he combines Norse and Greek God DNA creating a new race of Gods, the Redeemers. Enhanced with Cybernetics these New Gods are humanity's last hope, they are our only chance at Salvation. The World Tree is running out of power, the all Fathers must be rescued from Elysium so they can re charge the World Tree. If it runs out of power the barrier will fall and Chronos hordes will wipe us out. This is the world of Pantheon.
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My name is Jordan Troche and I am an original comic creator and writer. My dream is to make a living writing and creating comics. Please give my series a read and don't be afraid to leave feedback.

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