High-throughput Screening in Genetics

Bioinformatical and Biostatistical Aspects

Author: Jens Aßmus
Pages: 144
Language: English
Publication date: 30/11/-0001
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Dissertation Biologie
This dissertation is based on the manuscripts CandiSNPer [117], NovelSNPer [8], SNPs und InDels [9], and Ambiguous indels [7].
Genetic studies are used to find an association between the genotype and a phenotypic trait. This association can be revealed by a correlation analysis, which calculates the correlation among the genetic variations and the observed traits. Variations are parts of the genome, which differs among the individuals of a population. There are at least two different sequences to every variation that exists. These different sequences of a variation are called alleles. A high correlation between a variation and a trait exists if one allele of the variation and one value of the trait often occur together and another allele also often occurs together with another trait-value.
There is a huge amount of data production in genetic studies but an evaluation bottleneck of this data. In my dissertation, I look for methods to improve the analysis and evaluation of the data obtained by genome studies.
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