Bitter Waters in Egypt – Israel & Marah

Transformation to Clean

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- The Exodus of the Jews from Egypt - The Theological Importance of these for us
This work deals with how the undrinkable bitter waters of Marah (on the peninsula of the Sinai Desert) in the region between Egypt and Israel, were changed into sweet drinkable waters during the time of the journeys of the exodus of the Israelites-Hebrews from Egypt (Exodus chapter 15, verses 22-27).
Each people experiences during the course of its history many events of decisive significance for its existence which take place in specific places and times.
One event, however, that humanly speaking is hard to comprehend, such as the one mentioned above, in order to be understood must be approached not only in a scientific way, but beyond that in the way of faith in the God of the people of Israel, as this incident is recorded in their religious history in the Bible, in the book of Exodus. In this way there is for all of us the possibility of learning and profiting. This precisely is the purpose of this paper.
In the purely scientific part is a report on water: as a chemical union, the scientific data with reference to its natural-chemical behavior, its origin, characteristics, attributes, but also the types of water, that is to say, as water is given to us by God—according to the theological opinion—that is absolutely essential for human life, but also for every other form of life.
Following is a discussion of the transformation of water from bitter into sweet (drinkable), after the amazing intervention of God, the subject of this paper, and then the correlation and the theological dimension so that we are led to the conclusion that as essential as physical water is for life on the earth, “spiritual water” or living water is much more essential, the Holy Spirit sharing this water with every eternal human life that Christ gives.
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