Shadows in the Stone

The Castle Keepers

Pages: 368
Language: English
ISBN: 9780986808982
Publication date: 03/09/2018
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The first book in the Castle Keepers series, an epic fantasy.
Traditional Fantasy in the same vein as Terry Brooks

A Child in Need: Isla stared at the food. She had tasted many types of biscuits in her life, but even the worse tasting ones filled an empty stomach. Her mouth watered. She rubbed the top of her legs and realised her hands trembled; they craved to hold the food.

No one sees the threat to Aruam Castle. They are too busy following protocol and their own dreams. Corporal Bronwyn Darrow can’t see it, but he feels something is wrong. Confused by the actions of others and ordered to focus on his duties, he puts aside his suspicions. The lords of the castle force him to take charge of an orphan child, and his world becomes entangled with a mysterious woman who captures more than his attention.

Alaura of Niamh, a half-breed enchantress with a deadly past, takes refuge in Bronwyn’s hometown of Maskil. When the two meet, the spell which binds them is stronger than their fears of falling in love. As Alaura’s secrets threaten to separate them forever, outside forces attempt to shatter the security of Aruam Castle and eliminate Bronwyn. The orphan child weaves their lives together and when she is taken, they embark on a perilous journey.

SWEET BISCUITS: She put the biscuit between her teeth and took a large bite. The dough rolled around in her mouth as if chocolate on raisins. She’d never tasted a sweeter biscuit. Guarding her mouth, she took another bite. Sensing Tam’s movement, she looked up to find him watching her. She shoved the last bit into her mouth and chewed, savouring the taste. Crumbs stuck in her teeth. She extracted every last one and enjoyed them one more time as she rolled them over her tongue.

SCATTERED STONES: RELEASE DATE MAY 6, 2016: Continue the journey started in “Shadows in the Stone” with the second book in the Castle Keepers series.

Follow Diane Lynn McGyver into the Land of Ath-o’Lea and live the fantasy. To learn more about her books and future adventures, visit her website ( or follow her on Twitter: @DLMcGyver.
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Diane Lynn McGyver lives in a hamlet on the beautiful Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia, Canada. She’s already made plans to retire at an early age to write by the sea where she spent her childhood. There, she will live in a peel tower or a stone cottage where she’ll raise chickens and vegetables.

To learn more about Diane and to keep up with her writing and book releases, visit her blog (

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