Stripped Naked by a Stranger on the Highway

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Woman stripped naked by a stranger on the highway
If your car broke down on the highway and the hottest god of love better looking than any movie star parked up in his Merc would you appreciate the advances of this Knight in shining armour?

What about when he starts stripping you naked there and then – slowly? Would you resist the thrill? Would you resist him and risk losing him forever? Would you pretend to be a good girl or give in to your own exhilaration and passion?

Choose life ;)

A silver Mercedes slowed in the distance and began to pull over. Angelina sighed with relief. The car slowly approached and stopped some 10 feet behind. She saw a tall male figure behind the wheel, lean shouldered, well groomed, white collar. A sense of hopeful curiosity welled in the back of her mind. Imagine meeting the man of her dreams here and now, just like in the TV ads. Or better still – imagine getting ravaged in her car or even by the roadside. She licked her tongue in her mouth, pursing her lips slightly. When he stepped out, she could not hide the faintest Mona Lisa smile as she very slowly drew her breath.

Behave yourself Angelina. You're a Manageress in a major Corporation for Christ's sake!

God look at that.

His lean figure rose gracefully some 5 foot 10 inches behind his driver door, stepped aside and closed it without taking his hawk eyes off her. Those eyes – that gaze, redolent with power [...]

He gave a wicked smirk as he walked gracefully toward her. She felt a little flushed – she swore he already knew what she was thinking. [...]

His black trousers were neat fit – the bulge was still distinct, look-at-that! Her eyes skirted down and up – that little faux pax all women pretend even to themselves never to commit. She could only smile when he gave her a big kind smile as he caught her. Feeling flushed began to feel a little blush.

'Problem with your vehicle?' He asked curtly yet politely.

'Yes, the engine died, I don't know what's wrong' She replied coyly.

'Don't worry,' he said, his voice deep, warm, resonant with love yet some terrible power she feared yet desired to overwhelm her, 'if we can't get it fixed you can hitch a ride with me if you like.' He gave a big smile.

'Yes I'd love that!' She blurted. God what did I just say??? Angelina realised at that moment she'd risk life and limb just to have this man have her. [...]

He leaned over and kissed her ever so softly on her lips, then pulled back as she slowly exhaled, then kissed again, then again, his big left hand meandered round her waist, tugged up her shirt, and gently he tickled and massaged her bare lower back. She felt her bare back against the wind of the highway. Cars driving by – she suddenly felt conscious of her passionate embrace with this unbearably handsome stranger. [...]

He kissed her forehead, her cheeks, her entire face.

'Do what you want with me.' She whispered, no not whispered, whimpered.

'Do what I want with you?' He smiled. It was so obvious that is exactly what was happening even if she didn't suggest it.

'Yes.' She choked and swallowed her saliva. 'Please.'

'Please?' He smirked. Then kissed her again, and slipped his big hands down the back of her skirt [...]

'I'm going to strip you naked right here, right now, by this highway during rush hour traffic. That's what I want to do with you.' He said coolly, with a calm demeanour and a confidence that could not possibly be abated, abashed, thwarted, contravened or brought to question by any means. [...]

Not a single car stopped to help her.

Thank God.

To be seen like this – half naked, flushed, and obviously very turned on – with this love god, would be beyond disgraceful. How could she explain herself??? [...]
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I am a libertine for whom all philosophy and religion must be centered around sexual pleasure and liberation! :)

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