Magickum Crossroads of the Worlds - Part 1

Magickum Crossroads of the Worlds - Part 1

Pages: 51
Language: English
ISBN: 9781310269950
Publication date: 16/03/2019
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This book is based on the hypnosis sessions data.
This book is based on the hypnosis sessions data. Actual data. Quite mysteriously, the archive of a self-taught hypnotist from the seventies of the previous century passed into the hands of my friend, a certi-fied therapist who applies the progressive hypnosis techniques. And even more surprising was that the twenty-five years old records were kept for more than eight years, whereas it was relatively recently that the past life regressions were conducted in our country.
The archive was delivered by the girl who found it in the apartment she’d inherited. It was appended with a detailed note concluded with the words, 'The one, who will come across this archive, should continue the regression from the point where I stopped...' Over a period of four years, more than seventy immersions into the past lives and the lives between lives were conducted.
The results were dazzling. With the permission of the so called 'inheritance client', all the session records, including the archive, were transferred to me. I have to say the things that happen in the people's earthly lives are bigger than mysticism and cooler than esoterics. Every step we take is written in the Great Book, every decision is a choice to make, and every event is a case model. When the opportunity arises to de tank and get the 50,000 foot view of the life, one can’t help but agree with E. Cayce, who said, “Humans are cosmic beings. A lifetime is a brief interlude of learning in an eternal pilgrimage through time and space... “
I wrote this book with the natural artistic imagination, having introduced the characters who belong in the earthly reality. As for the implication of events described in the archive, - well – its value will be shown.
El vendedor asume toda la responsabilidad de esta entrada.
Виктория Соколова — автор проекта об исследованиях в измененных состояниях сознания и аналитики сновидений.
С 2012 года проект стал публичным и получил широкое распространение среди людей, занимающихся саморазвитием, раскрытием потенциалов. В том числе и с помощью собственных сверхспособностей, включая подсознание и сверхсознание, которым наделен любой человек.

Автор книг «Вещие сны и осознанные сновидения» , «Архив гипнотерапевта», «Перекресток миров». Автор самой эффективной на сегодняшний момент методики и системы практики снов, получения информации в измененных состояниях сознания, осознанных сновидений.

Автор самого популярного сонника на русскоязычном пространстве. По отзывам тысяч пользователей — соответствие характеристики символов и системы «правил расшифровки» сновидений — максимально соответствует последующей реализации информации, полученной в состоянии сна человека.

Аналитик снов, собравший базу данных реализованных сновидений тысяч людей.

Провела анализ, структурировала и классифицировала тысячи взаимосвязанных элементов памяти

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