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The Father, Son, And The Holy Jokes

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Language: English
Publication date: 20.07.2014
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'We pull no punches and neither should you!'
The jokes in this book are for sick individuals. If you are not secure enough to handle jokes about religion, pedophil... uh.. people who work for the church, terrori.... er.. muslims, and those damn dirty ape... um.. jews then don't read this book.

Insults Anywhere uses only the most reputable prophets available and 9 out of 10 of us here have been in a church at least once! If you ever read the old testament and thought there had to be more then 'holy' crap are you in luck! Just sneak your Kindle into church with you and you'll never have to worry about annoying things like communion and sitting in the front pew again!

Just look at these quotes we got from the higher ups:

'A wilder ride since the angels and I did all that crack on the 7th day that one time!'

'A bigger laugh then when I convinced those people to wear dresses and scarves in the hot ass desert!'

'We pull no punches and neither should you!'
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