Daddy's Appetite

Lauren’s Desires No.1

Author: Allison Heather
Pages: 117
Language: English
Publication date: 22.06.2016
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A hardcore incestuous tale full of sexual kinks.
DESCRIPTION -- Lauren is beautiful, buxom teenager. In a chance encounter, she catches her father hugely endowed masturbating. She then realizes her own irrepressible desire for daddy's monstrous cock. She also discovers that daddy is a secret ass worshiper and loves anal sex above all other fetishes. Lauren shares her father's sexual appetite for anal sex. Father and daughter consummate their incestuous love while Lauren's mother is away tending to her sick grandmother. This is hardcore incestuous tale full of anal, oral, and other sexual kinks. If you enjoy milder erotica please use caution.

EXCERPT -- Lauren was wearing a simple white t-shirt cut low across the neck. Tucked tightly into her jeans, the cotton was so stretched that it outlined the fullness of her breasts, their upper slopes creamy white, the deep cleavage between them highlighted by the single pearl pendant he'd given her for Christmas. David couldn't believe how buxom his daughter was, or that she wasn't wearing a bra underneath the t-shirt. But from the way her large breasts quivered as she sat down, there couldn't be any doubt.

He needed a moment to collect himself and took a large swig of the Leffe, glancing round the room as he did so. Two or three of the men around them were openly staring at Lauren, a mixture of lust and envy in their expressions. She seemed unaware and swigged her beer. 'God, I'm hungry,' she said as the food arrived.

* * * *

David pressed the knob of his huge prick against the tight circlet of his daughter's anus and was amazed at how big it appeared compared to her tiny opening, it was like a medium apple against a finger wide pink wrinkly opening. He pressed the huge head of his cock against the resisting anal opening of his daughter. Initially nothing happened as both daughter and father grunted softly, in response to David's attempts to do the impossible task of pushing his giant cock-head inside his daughter's tiny asshole. As David pushed relentlessly the powerful muscle of his daughter's anus opened in response, the head started to disappear inside Lauren's anus. She gave a sudden gasp and her back tensed as she felt the strain of immense distention of her anus.
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I have been writing non-fiction and fiction in English and French. My style is influenced by the diverse countries I was educated in while growing up. Various cultures have influenced my content and style.

I make no secret of using the feminine point of view in my stories. I believe the war of sexes is futile politics. Individuals modify their true self to cater to a transient polemic. Self esteem is the key and epicenter of human dignity.

I have been successfully publishing erotic writings for five years. I started writing naughty stories secretly when young. I have nearly three quarters of a million downloads so far and counting.

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