Holiday Weekend of Prostituted Soul

Author: Anonymous Bosch
Pages: 32
Language: English
Publication date: 04.07.2017
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Sexual Self-Actualization in the Midst of an Existential Crisis
“A radical, subversive re-appraisal of auto-ethnographic construct.”

A freelance EFL education professional living and working in Shanghai, China undergoes an Existential Crisis triggered by a systematic assault on his sense of professional integrity as required to fulfill his employment contract. As his personality metamorphoses, he cognitively engages with the affects of epistemic transfiguration on his sexual self-definition and libidinous transformation.

This engagement, while auto-ethnographic, is not that dictated by the conventions of Academic analysis but oblique and meta-textual: the discursive communication culminating a chronological anthology of individual multi-media texts - prose, poetry, videography - cumulatively delineating a subjectively interpretivist representation of the author’s cognitive processing phenomena experienced during the sequential construction of a series of inter-related textual pieces. These pieces are progressively sexually explicit a epistemic satire on morally relativism: sexual self-actualization as humanist transgression of socio-cultural norms.

Honest and unflinching in its auto-ethnographic confrontation, Holiday Weekend of Prostituted Soul is an uncompromising, uncensored descent into the pathological expression of what Susan Sontag termed a “pornographic imagination”.
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