Masters of Life and Universe

A concept about instant self-replicating towns and cell (micro)robot

Author: Pawel Kozycz
Pages: 111
Language: English
Publication date: 20.09.2017
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Visions, concepts about of selfreplicanting groups of robots, whole towns.
We can see stars and cancer but we can not subdue them.
Maybe we finally found what we were waiting for - a tool of creation - a holy grail for a resurgence of life and the whole environment.
This book is not a part of a literature of beauty, it is simply a new gospel of a struggle for a new rebirth of life, heaven, and earth.
Getting faster and faster self-replicating cell (clone)- towns and cell ( groups of) robots as a way for effective evaluate our 'modern' titanic world to super and safe spaceship of the world and universe.
Project- concept remind mix of program Apollo with a project for erasing all cancer diseases.
An instant self-replicating cell model robotic towns innovation concept as a holy grail for a real resurgence by/for everybody.

Only initially by hands build robots - not forget, that initially robots will more remind cluster of robots- will be put in peoples free zones, where the robots will take their own two-way (macro and micro/nano) evolution, but this time with help of developing remote controlling, mobile applications.

So as to tame the horses and even replaced them by cars and rockets! we can also - using autonomous technology- do it with all natural forces and resources here on earth, on the moon and beyond and in our bodies too, starting intensively it from now!
So, we can and we have to do it!
Convince the earth and the whole universe is ours!
This is a seemingly chaotic set of thrown concrete proposals to make new constructions according to discretions of every reader interested in changing this world and universe for a better place to live or just interested at least in fantasy imaginations.
El vendedor asume toda la responsabilidad de esta entrada.
An independent writer from Nicolas Copernicus land (Poland), but lives in a country of Niels Bohr (Denmark). Education in pedagogic, economics, administration, technology in universities in Poland, and interest largely overlaps + great interest in cosmonautics and social affairs.

The author of the project-concept Moonnow- concept of self-replicating investments on the moon and...people-free zones, whose writing continues up to fulfill aims of this project, that is apparently outlined in book-draft "Masters of life and universe"
And his goal is to get out of the Stone Age - from continuations of manual droning of gadgets including rockets- to the era of full automation, but with a humanitarian face.

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