Gear Witches Vol.1 (Hentai steampunk Novelette)

Author: Shin Reiki
Pages: 60
Language: English
ISBN: 9781939977984
Publication date: 01/01/2018
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In this steampunk world a new threat has arisen that only the witches can stop
Airships and towering monoliths of industry dominate this world, but it wasn’t always so. The world was once ruled by magic not technology. With the rise of steam power the wielders of magic, the witches, were outlawed and hunted by the government and the ancient order of the witch hunters.
Now in this steampunk world a new threat has arisen that only the witches may be able to stop. Agent Folkvarthr Fuchs “Folk” has been sent to recruit witches to aid in this new fight. However they may be less than willing to help. Enter the gear system, a device attached to the waists and ankles of the witches recruited that enables the user of the system to remotely lift the skirts and pull down the panties of the noncompliant witches whenever he wants to publicly humiliate and shame them, or for other uses, but will this be enough to save the world?
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