The Death of Liam Nelson and the promise of Lexie Thornton

Author: Alexia Travis
Pages: 60
Language: English
Publication date: 01/04/2018
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The story of love
During one school day, a young student named Lexie received a call after her last class about her boyfriend dying in a few hours. His name is Liam Nelson who has stage 4 leukemia. Lexie and Liam have been dating since 7th grade they are now in 10th grade. They both attend Oakwood High School in Oakwood Connecticut. (Not a real place) Lexie kept her promise and falls in love with someone that is secretly related to Liam. You will find out what his name is and when they start dating and marrying each other. While having twins a few years later. You will never know until you reach that part of the story.
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My name is Alexia Travis. I am majoring in Special Education. With an associates degree in Communication. I am a student at Weber State University. I graduated High School in 2017. I am currently writing book 2 in the Nelson family series. It's called The beginning of the Nelson family. it for that. When I'm not writing I am either playing the flute or doing something that involves art. I love to color in my adult coloring book. I am LDS- Latter-day Saints of the church of Jesus Christ. I've been writing since my Junior year in High school which was 3 years ago. I love to sing. I hope one day that I will be an author and a teacher. I came from a family of 7. I am the oldest child. I have my mom, dad, Savannah, David, Brynnlie, and Cambria. Veronica Roth is what inspired me to continue writing even after my Junior year. I would like one day to meet her in person. My goal is to perform at the United Kingdom X factor singing my favorite song Only Hope by Mandy Moore. I really hope you loved this book. The next one will be coming soon thanks.

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