Seeking Immortality: A Gay Marine's Quest To Have Children

Author: Kenneth Stone
Pages: 254
Language: English
Publication date: 01/08/2018
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Growing Tension I was finding myself in the MIDDLE of the WOODS, middle of nowhere! GAY and ALONE, so where does that leave you! So WHERE can CHILDREN FIT in my LIFE? It’s a story of FINDING LOVE unexpectedly! It also MEASURES the EXTREME'S some of us go THROUGH, just to be someone’s DAD! A second book is: BUDDING INNOCENCE Mistrust and Violence allows the most unexpected Things to take Root! This is a Murder and Mystery that's a TRUE Story.
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This is my first book; I was never an English studying enthusiast that is all right nonetheless. I hope that you will be able to gather some idea of my train of thought, and perhaps be somewhat entertained. Thanks you for buying it. This is dedicated to my family. Do not worry I am not egotistical. I do think I am somewhat cute. A wonderful mother god gave me; calling her Geraldine Anna Rose Stone. Yes if you had not figured it out, I was a mama’s boy. Jeff, Bear Bear, and I have moved to Fort Smith, AR to be closer to our son Shon. I wrote only two books title Seeking Immortality: A Gay Marine’s Quest To Have Children also Budding Innocence. It’s a murder mystery that is a true story. I wrote both stories mainly so my son can know his father long after I am gone, the good, and the bad.

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