A Third Millennium Global Management Framework

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Wholistic Global Transcultural Management Know-How
Global management in today’s globalized world is characterized by complexity and speed. Both features in a highly competitive environment require tools that simplify the task of managing over many cultural and national borders and to be thus up to the challenge in every respect. Although there are many tools and instruments that have been designed by management scientists and international management practitioners there has been little research with regard to the design of universal global management tools that integrates in a consistent and practical way the human, cultural and technical aspects of management in a holistic way.
Therefore I have designed over the years such a tool that highlights in particular cultural dimensions of global management. It covers not only the representative intercultural management frameworks that allow the analysis and the differentiation of cultures but also the synthesis and integration of cultures based on consistent scientific and effective principles. I have presented this tool many times because I have the impression that it can make a meaningful contribution to human management in the 21st century where myriads of variables need to be integrated effectively. An effective axiomatic that underpins the framework can provide a focal point for the global managerial mind and anchor it in the speedy and highly complex global environment. The ocean of life with its turbulences inside and outside thus becomes more navigable, while global strategists operate from a safe and effective cognitive haven that simplifies their operations.
In the following I would like to present the model again and attempt to describe its structures and functions and capabilities. It is followed by a synthesis of proven inter- and transcultural management tools, among them some of my design. Finally, it is rounded off by a transcultural management dictionary that alphabertically inventorizes and specifies state-of-the-art intercultural management research, including own contributions. Thus, essential aspects of global management are covered in a concise fascicule and building block of transcultural management.
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Dozent mit Interdisziplinärem quatrikulturellem Bildungshintergrund, insbesondere London, Cambridge, Paris I und IV - Sorbonne, Madrid, Stuttgart.
in den Bereichen internationale Politik, Wirtschaft (Europa). Management (interkulturelles) und BWL, Angewandte Fremdsprachen u. Literatur.

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