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it certification 9L0-420 Study Guide, 9L0-420 Practice Test
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Exam Number/Code:9L0-420

Exam Name:MIB v10.10


Questions and Answers:46 Q&As

1.You're using Boot Camp to install Windows on your Mac. Which is the minimum version of Windows that Boot Camp supports?

A. Windows XP
B. Windows Vista
C. Windows 7
D. Windows 8

Answer: C

2.In addition to the Active Directory server domain name, which of these do you need to enter to bind your Mac to your company's Active Directory server?

A. Your email address
B. The Ethernet ID of your Mac
C. The domain name associated with your Mac
D. An Active Directory admin user name and password

Answer: D

3.In the context of computers on a network, what does "bind" mean?

A. To configure a computer to connect to a directory server
B. To configure a computer to prevent it from accessing data on the network
C. To configure a firewall on a computer to restrict inbound traffic
D. To configure a computer to connect to a network

Answer: A

4.Which statement about Messages is true?

A. Messages requires users to have an Apple ID account.
B. Without installing any additional software, you can configure Messages to use a Google Talk account.
C. Without installing any additional software, you can configure Messages to use a Microsoft Live Messenger Talk account.
D. If a Mac user using Messages wants to exchange instant messages with a Windows user, the Windows user must install the Messages application.

Answer: B

5.In OS X, the "Connect to Server" command in the Finder supports which of these network file protocols? (Select TWO.)


Answer: B,C
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