One of the ways that marketing on Facebook differs tremendously than from other

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Social networking holds the promise of being the next biggest marketing arena in town. However, the rules are far different on social networks like Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter for marketers than they are for conventional formats like
One of the ways that marketing on Facebook differs tremendously than from
other types of sites is that authenticity counts. You can't just put up a
Facebook page and expect to gain fans or to be befriended, unless you have
something to offer people in these networks. Generally, the currency is
yourself and how interesting and how much you contribute to the
Set up a profile that shows who you are and why people would like to
befriend you, and they will be more likely to associate with you. Place tons of
links and spam about your commercial ventures before generating a personal
relationship with your audience and you're either likely to get ignored or to
lose friends. In the worst cases, the administrators of the site might suspend
your account if you actively solicit people via Facebook email like you would
during a regular Internet marketing campaign. There are some things you
can do on these sites to make money, and there are some that are clearly
against the terms of service. Spamming people's inboxes for commercial
purposes is strictly forbidden.
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