iPhone Photography For Rookies

iPhone Photography For Rookies

Tips And Tricks For All iPhone Models

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This eBook shows how to shoot fantastic photos with your iPhone.

The eBook iPhone Photography For Rookies shows you in ten chapters how to shoot photos with your iPhone. You will get fantastic results because the iPhone is perfect for shooting impressive snapshots and semi-professional photos.

With the tips and tricks in this eBook you will get to know all functions of the camera app, learn the basics of photography and find out how to create wonderful images. In addition you will get some recommendations for must-have-apps.

These are the chapters of iPhone Photography For Rookies:

- The differences between the iPhone models
- Introduction: Snapshots without any technical knowledge
- Chapter 1: Two ways of starting the camera app (quickly)
- Chapter 2: Two ways of shooting a photo quickly
- Chapter 3: Different functions of the camera app in detail
- Chapter 4: Vertical or horizontal?
- Chapter 5: How to find the optimum exposure setting
- Chapter 6: How to get sharp photos
- Chapter 7: How to avoid blurred pictures
- Chapter 8: Compose your picture like a pro
- Chapter 9: Some further advice on photography in general
- Chapter 10: Some photo apps that you must have

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