Blue Valley

Blue Valley

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Autore: Christine Rice
Volume: 400 p.
Lingua: English
Data scritto: gui 2011
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Categoria: Letterature » Fantasy  |  Tipo: Roman
Parole chiavi: fantasy, historical, alternate history, farming, california, world war 2, magical realism, elemental magic, japanese internment, sci fi, agriculture, science, romance, speculative fiction

Love, war, and elemental magic in California's Salinas Valley.

At the outset of World War 2, Will Leary is sent to California’s Central Valley to investigate an agricultural anomaly the government fears is Japanese eco-terrorism; the soil is turning blue.

The government suspects Japanese sabotage, but Will discovers the unwitting culprit is Sarah, the town “witch” who has the uncanny ability to read the Earth’s needs.

As the destruction spreads, and the food supply is threatened, it’s not long before the farming community and the government are after Sara. Will goes to the ends of the earth to save her, only to find the very Earth beneath their feet wants her dead.

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Christine Rice | Autore su

Iscritto dal: gui 2011
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I moved to Los Angeles to study screenwriting at USC, and even though you couldn't drag me back into the screenwriting business with the promise of money or candy, I love screenplay structure. Use it all the time. It is the crowbar that removes my head from my rectum when such a procedure is required.

I love all types of speculative fiction, and yes I admit to reading vampire books and YA. However, I have not yet met a vampire that inspired me enough to write about him, which is probably the only barrier between myself and a bathtub full of royalty checks.

People (meaning, my friends) have begged me for years to write about the fashion industry, so I'm doing that in the form of a cozy mystery. It's a funny story, which it had to be because the fashion industry can't be taken seriously.

On that, I bid you a fond farewell. Thanks for reading this little bio.

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