Just ... Think About It! (2nd edn)

Author: Peg Tittle
Pages: 451
Language: English
Publication date: 04/05/2021
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A collection of think pieces on a variety of topics: the environment, business, rights and responsibilities, social issues, ethics, education, sports, religion, and so on.
A collection of think pieces on a variety of topics: the environment, business, rights and responsibilities, social issues, ethics, education, sports, religion, and so on.

An omnibus of the four Shit that Pisses Me Off volumes,* plus over a hundred additional pieces.

* minus the pieces that address sexism, which are anthologized in Sexist Shit that Pisses Me Off, along with a great many additional pieces.

Includes pieces previously published in The Philosophers' Magazine, Philosophy Now, Humanist in Canada, and Victoria Times Colonist, as well as several previously unpublished pieces.

Note that the 2nd edn includes almost all of the pieces in the 1st edn, plus more than eighty additional pieces. So if you've purchased the first edition of Just … Think about It (or more than one volume of Shit that Pisses Me Off), contact me (through pegtittle.com), and I'll send you a copy of the second edition for free (because hey, you've already purchased much of it!). (Due to printing and postage costs, this offer applies only to the epub and pdf formats.)

about Shit that Pisses Me Off

"... smart, witty essays that challenge the intellect ... Tittle's razor sharp words will slice and dice the cerebral jugular." Laura Salkin, thinkspin.com

"… It's all thought-provoking, and whether or not you end up agreeing with her conclusions, her essays make for fascinating reading." Erin O'Riordan

"Tittle’s pieces are atypical of philosophical writing in the best ways: of interest to non-specialists, yet instructive and profound, yet entertaining." Ron Cooper, Professor of Philosophy

"… a passionate, stylistically-engaging writer …" George, Amazon

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Peg Tittle is the author of several novels: Gender Fraud: a fiction (Magenta, 2020), Impact (Magenta, 2020), It Wasn't Enough (Magenta, 2020), What Happened to Tom (Inanna, 2016), and Exile (Rock's Mills Press, 2018). Both Gender Fraud: a fiction and It Wasn't Enough were Category Finalists in the Eric Hoffer Book Award competition; What Happened to Tom is on goodreads' list of Fiction Books That Opened Your Eyes To A Social Or Political Issue.

Her screenplays (including What Happened to Tom and Exile) have placed in several competitions, including Moondance, Fade-In, GimmeCredit, WriteMovies, Scriptapalooza, and American Gem.

She has also written several nonfiction books: Just Think About It (Magenta); Sexist Shit that Pisses Me Off (Magenta); Critical Thinking: An Appeal to Reason (Routledge); Should Parents Be Licensed? Debating the Issues (Prometheus); What If? Collected Thought Experiments in Philosophy (Longman); Ethical Issues in Business: Inquiries, Cases, and Readings (Broadview).

She was a columnist for the Ethics and Emerging Technologies website for a year (her "TransGendered Courage” received 35,000 hits, making it #3 of the year, and her “Ethics without Philosophers” received 34,000 hits, making it #5 of the year), The Philosopher Magazine's online philosophy café for eight years, and Philosophy Now for two years. In addition, her short commentary pieces have also been published in Humanist in Canada, Links, Academic Exchange Quarterly, Inroads, Elenchus, South Australian Humanist Post, Forum, and The Humanist. Her longer pieces have appeared in Free Inquiry, The International Journal of Applied Philosophy, New Humanist, The New Zealand Rationalist and Humanist, Philosophy in the Contemporary World, Sexuality & Culture: an interdisciplinary journal. And she's had a list published at McSweeney's (“Why Feminist Manuscripts Aren’t Getting Published Today”).

She has an M.A. in Philosophy received over twenty Arts Council

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